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Hospitality Interior Design


At MLH Design Group, hospitality interior design is not just our passion, it’s our calling. We find inspiration in everyday objects and experiences, and then carefully blend these with our keen eye for details to create environments that yield a soulful experience.


We Make It Look Easy (even when it’s not)


Our goal is to make you feel the same way you want your guests to feel: relaxed, excited, inspired, and comfortable because you know that we know what needs to be done.  The design process can be just that - a process. With a collective experience of over 20 years, we have been learning, adapting, and evolving this process into something more - a collaboration of efficiency. We have the resources and knowledge (plus the necessary sense of humor) to bring your goals and vision to life.


Work Smart


We don’t claim to have coined this term, but no doubt, it has been the backbone of our business from the beginning.  It has been said that design is only 10% of what we do, and the other 90% is “business”. This is a statement that we have taken to heart. We were drawn to this career because of our desire to design, yet we are successful because of our understanding of how you run your business whether it be a hotel, restaurant, or spa.

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